October Holiday Climbing


Summer 2018

We are really pleased to be open and offering the thrills of indoor climbing to Hereford. Thank you so much for all the awesome community support.

Now the dust has settled, we've had a chance to look at start making plans for some new features to come later this Summer/Autumn:

  • We will be extending the climbing and bouldering, adding quite a lot of area and with a focus on slabs and vertical;

  • Ever popular at our other sites, auto-belays are the key to getting that lunch time climb in, some serious training reps, or for when you belay partners flake out!

  • Our overhaul of the bouldering area with lots of new volumes and holds has gone down a treat. We will be continuing to update our hold and volume stock with some of the best kit available in the market to keep things shiny and fresh;

  • Longer term, we will be adding a castle just for younger climbers separate from the main climbing area. All input welcome, please check out our castles at Red Spider and White Spider for ideas.

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