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The Benefits of Getting your Kids Climbing

Children are always climbing over something you don’t want them to; whether that’s the sofas, car seats, fences, trees or even castle ruins! It’s always something that we don’t want them to be doing, but why? Is it the muddy feet, sticky hands, or the social embarrassment? We can’t stop them from doing it, we Read more about The Benefits of Getting your Kids Climbing[…]

New Socials

Monday Evening 19:00-21:00 – Boulder Social                 Our Boulder Social is run by staff member Callum Gibson who will be on hand throughout the evening to give advice and Beta on any routes you’re struggling with or projecting. It’ll be a great opportunity to see some great bouldering and pick up lots of tips to Read more about New Socials[…]

Getting a Grip

Lots of new GREEN holds for GREEN Spider There are some beauts in this Bleaustone selection. 💚 More colours and shapes to arrive soon too from Flathold and Cheetah. We absolutely can’t wait to start setting! Stay tuned for more updates.

Day 3

We have been overwhelmed by the public support, thank you all so much. It feels great to receive such a warm welcome into the local community, we are looking forward to opening doors and meeting people. We’ve started unpacking bits and pieces, sorting out systems and have a scissor ready to strip this weekend. Will Read more about Day 3[…]